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Carnival Crush Part 24 - set free =D

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were pretty much the same… on Tuesday, my mom surprisingly woke me up at 6:00 AM.

“Jood, goomay!”

“huh? YOMA?’

“ee, goomay”


“shoofay 7abeebty! Ily sawaitee intay akbar ‘3ala6! 3aib inich a9lan tkalmeen wa7id mat3arfeena oo i6ay7een il miyana wiya ba3ad! May9eeer… intay al7een 5ala9 kibartay oo 3igaltay oo it3arfeen il 9a7 min il ‘3ala6 moo chithee?”

“ee yoma!”

“oo tara ana ma a5af minich… ana a5af min il nass ily 7awalaich! Tara idinya it5ari3 ya 7abeebty. Momkin wa7id iyeech oo y5aly nafsa bareeee2 oo min a6yab maykoon oo a5er shay yi6la3 il 3aks”

“ee 3adil kalamich yoma”

“atwa8a3 inich al7een 3arafty ‘3al6itich, moo 9a7?”


“oo ma ra7 it3eedeenha mara thanya’

“wala ra7 afaker”

“ashwa… 3ayal yala goomay badlay bayeebich ma3ay 7eg il camp”

“ya3ny 5ala9 shiltay 3any il 3e8ab???”

“moo kila! Ma ra7 a36eech a’3rathich”

“ok! Mashkoora yoma wayid”

“inzain. Badlay ibsr3a! maly 5ilg an6irich… a9lan zain miny 5aleetich tiyeen” Typical mom “5ams digayig oo ana mashya”

“got it!”

My mom left my room. I opened my closet and got out an offwhite knee high dress, short sleeves, oo sada. Bas kan fee black swarvoski pieces 3ala my right shoulder… I wore a thick black waist belt, with fuschia shoes, and a fuschia marc by marc Jacobs bag (I just love that brand!). I tied my hair into a slick ponytail. For make up, I applied mascara and a pink lipstick and I was ready to go. I left my room….

‘yomaaa ana jahzaaa!!!”

“inzaaain! I5thay il miftaaa7 oo rikbay il sayara ana al7een a5ali9 oo ayeech”

Oo itgooly ana ma at2a5ar 3alaiha… ha!


I went to the living room and grabbed the keys and left the house.

We finally got to the camp.

I missed the sun, the heat, the sight of people, everything! As soon as I entered the camp area… Faroo7 came running towards me with her hands spread wide to hug me “JOOOOOOOOOOD… I MISSED YOUUU”

“hehe meee too farooo7”

“aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww joooooooooooood” noor came walking towards me looking more stylish and goergous than ever!!!

“hehe noooooor” I gave her a hug

“ooohhhhh!!! Joood? YAITAY!!!” li6eefa 6abbat 3alay oo lammatny

“hehehehe la6oooof! Istee3ab!”

“hehe! Sorry! Abaiiii laish ma yaitay?? 9arlich 2 days kashta!!.. oo ma itrideen 3ala our calls, wala shay! Bada3tay!”

“la2, um…. Mobily …. Thayi3!” that was the best excuse I can make!


“ee walla”

“yalla! Feeha 5eera inshalla”

“la6oof! Matwa88a3! It’s a blackberry! Mafee 5eera bilmawthoo3”

“laaaaaaaaa2 faraaaaaaaa7 latgoooleeeeen chitheeeeeee”

“hathee il 9ara7a ya3ne”

“ilmohim! Shiftaw fajer?”

“ee ihya da5il”

“offff tharooory akalimha… yalla ! see you guys, k?”

“ok!” “see ya!” “bye 7abooooby”

I ran to her group’s room, where they told me she is, and I found her talking to someone on her mobile.. lamma shafatny adish il ‘3orfa, wayiha i3tifas oo she pretended she didn’t notice me and continued talking..

“lamooy…. Hehehehe….. laaaaa2 7asafa fatatny……. Lahadaraja?..... hehe abaiiii…….. wallaaa 7asafa…. Ma sajaltay il 7al8a?....... 5ala9 3ady! Ashtireeha min il hindy iliy ybee3 dvd’s….. ee haw! Oo isha’3lita…… eeeee ihwa iyeeey baitkom oo ya36eech ily tabeeena…….. la2 moo shar6 ta6libeen ihwa iyeeb jan6ita ma3a….”

Inshalla it5ali9 ya3ny!

“5ala9 adizlich ra8ma message….. la bas mabe shay, thanks… alla y7ayeech… see you too… bye!”


Lama 5ali9at min il mokalama, lafat, oo as if I was completely invisible, she walked right past me and left the room. Ana bas tana7t ga3da a6ali3 jidamy!!! Hathee moo fajer ily a3arifha!!!

Carnival Crush Part 23 - Prison Break

I woke up the next day and found a message on my BB…

1 new message
Mama 0096500000000

يبي تلفونك و الأيبود و اللابتوب و كل
الأجهزة الي عندك و حطيهم في داري
و ترا للعلم ما راح تطلعين من دارك حتى
أقول لك

I had extreme difficulties reading the message…. Yet I made it through!! Hehe…
But noooo…. I can’t live without my ipod, BB, nor laptop…. I just can’t… life will be miserable.

I mean, people always talk about communicating with people oo 9elat il ra7im.. oo ka! This is my way of doing it.. fa technically, illy omy ga3da itsawee 7araaaam…

Yesterday, Thursday, was the longest day in my whole, entire life!!!

So.. okay.. let’s say she grounded me today, Friday, and tomorrow, Saturday… will she not make me go to the camp on Sunday????

I cleared my mind from all my endless questions and kissed goodbye all the electronics my mom is taking away.. and went to my room, slammed the door, and stuffed my head in the pillow and screamed as LOUD as I can….

* * *

7:00 PM

I didn’t hear my mom enter the house, she didn’t even call to check on me like she usually does!!! She simply went straight to her room, trying to forget the fact that I actually exist! How can she do that???

So I just sat, looking at myself in the mirror

What I have done is a terrible mistake and I realize that now, thank god my mom ra7 tastir 3alay oo ma tiftha7ny jidam rabi3ha! Bas kilman beshik itha ma ri7t on Sunday..

That’s when I remembered Fajer… allah ra7amha by not letting her have enough courage to face Fawaz.. wallaaa allah y7bha!!! Oo I have to tell her il salfa 3ashan she knows that.

Oo what about s3ood, what will I tell him? How will I apologize after everything that happened?? Will he accept it or bas ignore me??

I just sat there looking at myself in the mirror, soooo bored I can’t handle this!! I went to my desk, pulled out the drawer and grabbed a deck of cards and started playing solitare.. walla shakly yaksir il 5a6er!!! When I grew bored, I went to bed and cried myself to sleep.

* * *

On Friday, I woke up late since my mom doesn’t talk to me and so she won’t wake me up. i stretched my arms and got up. my hair smelled sooo bad, I desperately need a shower. I took me a shower; and as I was taking it, I was thinking about my name… Jood. It is the lamest, most boring name any girl can have. I mean, you can’t have a nickname. Come on! Like, what? Jwaid? Joodo, jodjod, jojo? Hey! Jojo isn’t bad, is it? That’s it! I came up with a nickname! I wore my robe and got out of my bathroom into my room and got me the hair dryer… when I dried it.. min il fara’3a 6ala3tly il straightner oo ga3adt oo I straightened my hair! Lamma 5ala9t shift il sa3a…. 3:00 PM

OLLLLAAAAA! It’s sooo late!... oo that’s when I realized I was starving! I hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday when I went to the movies with ratooj oo ‘3anoom. WOW! I have to eat right now or I’m gonna die..

With my hair falling to my shoulders and my snoopy pajama wrinkled from sleeping, I slipped my feet into my bunny slippers and finally managed to escape my room.

First I peeked from my room to the hallway, like a prisoner escaping jail! I looked so ridiculous. Then, I sneaked out-baby footsteps- looking around me after every step.. when I finally reached the living room, I was looking behind me and ti9arga3t lama sima3t my mom itgooly

“shim6al3ich intay?” ib kiiiil biroood

“huh? Um…. Yo3ana”


“yoma… abee akil” is she kidding me?

“ana moo giltlich ma ti6li3een min darich?” boroodha ynarfiz

“ee. Bas abee akil”

“riday darich” oo she looked back at the magazine

“yomaaaa?????? Min9ijich?”



“darich…” still looking at her magazine as if she's suddenly interested... ugh!!!!

I cried and went back to the room… she’s kidding right? I mean, she’s not gonna starve me to death, is she?

I went back to my pillow to scream, but I can’t, I have no energy, I’m huunnngryyyyyy!! Instead, I went back to sleep.

When I woke up again, I looked at my clock, it read 6:30 PM…. i found a tray of food on my desk! God! It feels like I’m prisoned… the tray had a plate of machboos diyay and a glass of water.

Bas maby machboos diyay al7een moo mishtiheeta. Bas my appetite doesn’t matter right now! I ate my whole plate and went back to playing jinjifa… when I was bored I went back to sleep.

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Carnival Crush Part 22 - realization

Hey everyone ;**... enjoy
I opened my eyes at the sound of noise; a lot of people talking at one time, a sour taste, and something cozy under my head. Wait, there are other sounds… what are they? Trolleys? Yes trolleys! I opened my eyes, and the ceiling above me was moving quickly. What the hell is going on here? I think I hit my head, and ouch… it hurts!

I decided that everything would be much less confusing if I closed my eyes again.

* * *

“Ha dictor, binty shlonha?’

“i6aminay, ma feeha ila il salama. Bas lazim tirta7 shway”

“ya3ny mita ra7 ti6la3?”

“mita matgoom oo it7is inha misti3ida itrid… itrid. 5alty lat7ateen tara ma 9ar feeha shay.”

“eeeeh, inshala.. mashkoor”

I was listening to them with my eyes closed. I still wasn’t ready to open my eyes, but I was gathering all my energy to do so…. I want to go hooome!!!

After several minutes, I opened my eyes.. everything looks blurry!


“hala yoma” I whispered, but I don’t think anything was heard… I cleared my throat

“7abeebty.. 7AYATY.. shlounich al7een? Rasich y3awrich? Day5a? yo3ana? Goolay goolay.”

“yoma, ma feeny shay. Bas aby arja3 il bait”

“7ather 7ather 7ather” she ran to the side of the bed to help me up “yaallllaaaaaa…. 3afya 3afya wala…” suddenly her voice was sharp and serious when she said “oo tara 7sabich ma3ay”

Riiiight… I forgot about that part!

Lama wi9alt il bait oo ga3adt… ma midany atsanad chan tabdy il zafa….


Ma wa3ait ila s6ar yany on my left cheek… chan a7i6 eedy 3ala 5ady oo abchee… bichait 7aaaaaaiiiiiiil…


My mom is 3a9abiya her whole life… and I’m so used to it… but I never saw her that angry before… not even when I ripped her chanel dress before going to my cosin’s wedding.


Oo she left the living room and slammed her room door…

What have I done? I never expected Fawaz to be that devil he turned out to be… but how? How can he act SO damn good and LIE TO MY FACE and tell me he loves me… and s3ood, dear s3ood, all he ever wanted was to avoid this problem as much as possible… He kept giving him dirty looks, he slapped him, hit him… FIGHTED with him for me… how come I was so stupid, so blind, not thinking about the consequences… Love is stupid.. it doesn’t even exist! I know it from my experiences now… I’m done with love.. DONE… I can’t do it anymore.. I wasted years of my precious teen years searching for my true love… thinking he’ll be there, thinking we’ll love each other from first sight… that’s STUPID! I’M STUPID for believing those insane fantasies. S3oood was right… he was damn right about everything. I didn’t listen to him, I ignored all his attempts to protect me even after I messed up with him in the carnival. He even convinced his mother to fire Fawaz because he wanted MY safety, he didn’t want anything like this to happen to me…

I cried waaaay too much, more than anyone can, my cry turned to an ugly cry.. where you make all those funny faces and noises trying to get it all out.

I’m stupid

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Carnival Crush Part 21 - Busted

Hey everyone! bas i wanted to say to all my readers... pleeeeaaase comment, i mean a lot are and I'm so happy! but there are a lot of silent readers, and I'd like to know how many are actually reading my blog... thanks.. best wishes ;****
We rode the policeman’s car, I was shivering to death! What will my mom say? My friends? My family? Will I ever get married after this? I mean, ma kan 8a9dy yi9eer kil hatha! Ya3ny… ihwa ily basny mo ana… 9a7? Ooooohhhh madry madry!! Bas it’s not my fault, and not his either… it’s that guy’s fault ily fatten 3alaina! Ishyaby ihwa? Ma 3inda shi’3il ‘3air ina yiti6amash bil nas???

Through the ride… ma kan fee wala kilma… because he said that what happened was clear and if either of us talked one more word, he will make this an even bigger problem than it already is.

I was crying silently, and Fawaz looked very calm and cool…

When we got to the ma5far…. They took me to a room and let me sit there alone until my parents came so they can deal with this problem…


When my parents came… I didn’t even see them… an officer took me to another room to be asked questions…

I got in with tears yanziloon arba3, arba3….

“gi3day” il thabi6 ille ga3id 3ala maktib galle ag3ed 3el kirsee ille jidama…

I sat down quickly and silently, i was already scared and he terrified me even more by the way he appeared and stared at me!

then he started telling me:
“6ab3an ily 9ar kilish mo 9a7.. la bil deen, wala bil 3adat wil ta8aleed. Hatha shay il mafrooth intay min nafsich it3arfeena… oo il mafrooth
itfat7een 3ainich oo mat5aleen ay 9bay yalmisich aw yisti’3ilich ib hal 6aree8a”


“oo il moshkila il akbar, ina kintaw ib mokan mashbooh… ily ihwa da5il sayara bil masafi6……ismich…”

“J-J-J-Jood” my voice was quivering…


“i-i-il- F-F-F-Flanii”

“al7een il walad mat3arfeena wala y9eerlich… laish ga3da wiya?”


“HA?” faj2a 9arra5 oo ana fazzait… chan ag3ed abcheee…..


My voice was sooo tiny and small compared to his… I whispered back




“oo inta shdarrak shinu niyata?”



“Chem 6awaltay ma3a bisayara?” thank goodness he calmed down.


“ihwa gal inkom kintaw biddishoon film 3adil?”


“issa3a cham kan il film?”

“walla ma athkir” and I started crying again……..

The officer rolled his eyes, then itsannad 3ala his elbows to get closer to me…

“sim3eene sim3eene… intay it3arfeen bas abeech tit-thakkarean”

“um… 3??”

“ok…. Oo il shir6e shafkom il sa3a 4:15”



“il shir6e willa intay?”

“il shir6e”

He called the officer to make sure, then looked at me and nodded as he closed the phone…

“shafkom at 3:15”

I smiled silently in relief

“inzain… sim3eeene, intay malich thanb bilsalfa, ihwa ga9 3alaich.. oo intay ga9er, ya3ne 3omrich i9’3eer… BAS…. Ya jood… intay bint 7ilwa oo mazyoona oo abeech iddeereen balich 3ala nafsich ok? Lat5alleeen hel shabab il shiya6een yigi9oon 3alaich… tara walla niyat-hom moo 6ayba.. i5theeha minny”

“Fawaz moo chithy…” I was SO positive… SO sure of what I was saying

He stared at me for a while then said…. “ta3alay ma3ay…”
I followed him outside the room, walked down a long hallway, then to another room.. il thabi6 6ag il bab chan yidish.. il ‘3orfa kanet kibeera… oo kan ga3id FAWAZ???? Oo jidama wagif shir6y.

“dishay" il thabi6 told me, chan yiltafton 3alay Fawaz oo il shir6e. dashait chan ogef yam il shir6e oo il thabi6 ga3ad yam Fawaz oo galla.. “goolaha yala” with a dirty look.

Shafne Fawaz, snickered when he saw me crying, then said:

“Jood, tara kil shay 9ar moo 9ij” chan yilif 3el thabi6 "chithy zain?” with a devilish smile.

I simply stared at him, eyes wide open. He turned to look at me with a devilish smug on his face… ba3dain ana 3alagt… I can’t move, I can’t speak, I can’t do anything

La2 la2 la2… fawaz moo chithee…How can he do this to me? S3ood was right! DAMN he was right! I was stupid, I was naïve, I was clueless about this boy… S3ood knew it all along… how was I that stupid? How did love blind me from seeing what was behind the covers. How can Fawaz betray me? But he said it to me from the very beginning… he was staring at me the whole time in the carnival!! HOW??? Was he staring because he had this serious crush on me, or because...??? Noooooooooooo…… bas shlone????? I mean, was it love at first sight? Or….. trick at first sight????...... la2 ‘3ala6.. maybe I’m dreaming.. yes yes I’m dreaming… tomorrow I’ll wake up and I’ll probably laugh at this stupid dream… yes I’m dreaming.. I can wake up now……..

…. Everything started to look black I can’t see anything….. now I can’t hear anything……...................................................................................... and now I can’t feel anything……..

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What kind of beauty do men look for??

A few days ago, I was talking to my mom... I was asking her about il 5i6ba oo chithe.. all men these days min shiroo6 zawajhom il jamal... fa shlon illy moo 7ilwa? ya3ny it's not fair! moo shay beedha! oo ba3dain why do they care so much about beauty? they should look for sana3, thigil, 3agil... oo a8alha itkoon il bint ma8boola ya3ny moo jaikara!
Bas my mom told me ina each guy has a certain definition of beauty.. some like Spanish looks, others like white, tall girls...
Bas why do guys care SO much about looking for the perfect girl? no one is perfect! oo what exactly do they want? why? Help me out here!!!!

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Carnival Crush Part 20 - I kissed a boy and I liked it

heeeey everyone.... enjoy =D
On Thursday…..

I went with a couple of my friends to the Avenues; Ratooj and 3’anoom…

In the Avenues, when we were standing in line to buy tickets for the cinema, there was this hot guy standing in front of us, he was alone…

Ana ma da88a8t ib malam7a, bas ya3ne I knew he was hot from the way he stood and the way he wore his clothes. I was just staring at his back! I looked sooo ridiculous! Bas really I CAN’T resist, hehehe!

Then he turned to look at who was staring, obviously me, and my jaw dropped… it was FAWAZ!



“minzimaaaaaaaaaaan 3aniiiiiich’

“you tooo… abbaaaaaaaii 7addeeeee walhaaaaanaaaa”

“walla ana akthar, ma tit5ayilean’ oo he winked

My stomach fell to my feet

I totally blushed, looked down, and smiled…. He noticed, hehehe

“olla olla olla! Hahaha! Tara ma gilt shay ana!!! Kil hatha lanne walaht 3alaich???”

I laughed shyly.

“inta yay broo7ik?”

“la2 il rabi3 yishtiroon il popcorn oo i3tamdaw 3ala tho8e, intaw ay film bitroo7oon?”

“3omar oo Salma 2”

“waaaaiiii3 min9ijkom??”

“i7na indawer il romance wil comedy hehehe’

“haaa!!! Chitheee…. La 3ayal ok”

It was his turn…

“Ladies first’

“huh?? La2 Fawaz, it’s your turn!”

“3yoon Fawaz, yalla imshay jiddami”

I blushed again, it’s not something I can control… really!

“wallaaaa, it’s easy to make you blush, isn’t it?”

“hehehe!! Baaaaaaaas! Oo thanks for..um.. your turn!”

“no problem’

Rataj and ‘3aneema followed me totally thaybeeeeen min Fawaz, his 3asaly eyes and his light brown, soft hair… uhhhhhhhhhhhh… he is so exhaustingly handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rataj: Joooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood???? Minuuu hathaaaaaa??

“laish??? iyannnnnnnin 9a7??”

‘3anoom: 7addddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I gave ‘3anoom and Ratooj the cinema tickets to go in their before me, I had to talk to Fawaz.

I found Fawaz with two friends still in the line for popcorn.

I went to him….

When he saw me approaching him, he quickly started walking to me with a wide smile on his face.


Ma rad…..

“haw!!! Fawaaaaaaz shfeeeek??”

“La2! Bas a5af arid 3alaich, oo you blush”


“hahaha! Just kidding… amray…”

“bass…. About the summer camp…”

“Don’t worry about it! 3ady!”

“LA2! MOO 3ADII! I want you to come back, Fawaz’

“may5alif, ma 3alaeh, marra thania”

“shinu ya3ne? 5ala9 ra7 taskit oo it5allee s3oodooo ysawee illee yabee?”

“la2 jad ya3ne… shinu agdar asawee ana?”

“rid 3alae!!!! 6IGGGA! I DON’T CARE!!”


“Fawaz… may9eer”

“adree inna may9eer, oo 7saba ma3ay! Bas inna I go back to the camp, hatha 9ij ya3ne ma agdar.. 5ankoon wa8i3iyeen shway”


“Fawaz…. Tharoorii iddish il film?”

“haha! I was going to ask you the same question, ta3alay ma3ay!”


“just follow”

He whispered something to his friends… and then we headed out of the cinema, we went down the escalator, walked a little then down another one to the parking lot.

Lamma istaw3ebt inna we were heading to the parking lot, ana wigeft oo ni6arta yogef oo ga3da a5izzaa.

“Fawaz??? Laish parking lot??”

“m-m-madree…. Ya3ne gilt inna arya7lina nig3ed bil sayara broo7na”


“etha ma tabeen 5ala9 5el nirje3 fog oo nig3d ib café aw shay’

I thought about it: would I rather sit in a car with Fawaz alone and talk about whatever I want to talk to him and get as close to him as I want… and tell him the big thing: that I love him. Or….. sit in a dumb old café where everyone is looking at everyone?



“la la 3adi” I said quickly and started walking.

I could see he was happy.

When we got to the car, I just stared at him….

It was a PORSCHE! A navy blue Ferrari!

I turned to stare at him with my jaw falling.

“You don’t even DRIVE”

“I know” he gave me a goofy smile “but I’m the only son, between 3 older sisters”


The navyblue Ferrari was shaded pitch black… ila il manthara ily jidam, ily he sees through it to drive… I was soooo happy because of that…

He ran around the car and opened me the door


“thank you” and I entered the car

He ran around it and got in…

It was complete silent for a minute there, then he turned to face me… and I turned to face him.

He gave me a warm smile and was glaring right into my eyes. His beautiful eyes into mine. Then he gently put his hand on mine which was on my lap and whispered


“na3am” I whispered back… I don’t know why we’re whispering!!!


I was looking at his hands holding mine, but when he said that I quickly looked up at him and his smile was not there… he wasn’t joking! He meant it!

His eyes were still looking into mine, but this time cautious… I knew that he didn’t want to mess this whole thing up, he wanted everything to go perfect… exactly like what I wanted.

I stared back at him… that’s it! This is the time to tell him! Yalla yalla jood, you can do this!


“hala walla”

I noticed that he was getting closer…

“tara I love you too”

His head was tilting left… and closer….

“Fawaz….” I was whispering

“3youni” he was whispering too and looked into my eyes, then my lips, then back to my eyes….

And closer….

“I love you”

He was too close, his face was inches away from mine…


and then he kissed me.

This is my first kiss!!! I never actually kissed a guy before, wala kan 3indy a8al jor2a iny ajarib… bas al7een… al7een… Fawaz is kissing me… the guy I am ready to lose my whole life for is kissing me.

Then slowly he started backing off.

“You were saying….”

We both laughed…

“hehehe! Never mind”



“so…. You love me?”

“Fawaz?! Ana madree ishga3da gool 9arle sina misa3a”

“hahaha!” he looked down shyly.. awwwwwww he looks soooo cute

He turned back to me and held my hand and kissed it.



He waited for me to look at him…. When I did, he held my face with both his hands and was getting closer, and pulling me to him…

“a5er marra….”

He started kissing me again…. Then…


We both turned quickly to see a man im8atter with his wife standing near a policeman… who was knocking on the only unshaded front window….


Carnival Crush Part 19 - Rebellion

Heeeeeey!!! this post is kind of short.... enjoy !!! =D
Dedicated to CuteandCuddly ;***


I turned to Faroo7

“what now?”

“7aram.. Fawaz has to come back!’

“ma 3indy wala shay minna… la ra8ma.. wala his email… wala facebook.. wala wala wala shay!’

“Oh my god! …….” After thinking for a while, she pulled my rist and started running. “imshay 5ankallim 5alty Nawal.”


We found 5alty Nawal just where we knew we’d find her… in the meeting room in the four room hallway…

The little crybaby(S3oodooo) was sticking with his mom probably still gossiping about poor Fawaz..

I knocked once at the door and entered with Fara7 behind me…

When 5alty Nawal looked at me.. wayyiha i3tifes.. then when she saw Fara7 behind me.. she managed to say “7ayakom 7abaybe” in the sweetest voice bas 3ashanha! ugh!

I turned to see what S3ood was doing: he was sitting at the middle of the table facing the door, us… and had a laptop.. he was probably ga3id yinazzil il pictures on the laptop…. Bas whatever! He is still a crybaby!

When he noticed me looking at him.. he quickly raised his glance to me… his eyes looked so pitiful.. mine were very angry.. I flipped my hair and I turned to look at 5alty Nawal and noticed that Fara7 had already started talking to her…

“5alty, tara walla 7araaam… Fawaz moo msawee shay…. Hathee hosha bain il 9bayyan il

mafrooth ohma they deal with it on their own as old, mature men” at this Fara7 turned to glance at S3ood then turned back to 5alty. WAY TO GO GIRL!

At this, S3ood il MALGOOOF stood up

“bas etha fee ma9la7a 7eg kil il banat illy yishta’3lon a3ti8id inna il a9a7 inna ydawer mokan thaneee ….” He tracked off. I wonder what he was about to say…

He was looking at Fara7 and a bit at me when he was saying this….

Then I couldn’t bare myself… and I exploded!


I turned to 5alty Nawal and contintued…


Then fara7 slowly pulled me back from my white DKNY summer dress… I tripped a bit from my red flats.. but I caught my balance..

We left the room with no other word.. they got the message! 5ala9! No need to get glances from the two beasts!

On our way walking back to the Group Three Big Room.. my BB beeped..


1 new message:
From: Fajoooor


Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa2!!! Why does this always happen to me? Do I attract bad luck and repel human beings? What’s wrong with me these days? This problem between me and Fajoor is starting to get serious. I mean, like, it's not worth it!!! I mean... yeah the guy is HOT and ya36y wayh and is soooo romantic.. but... OKAY IT IS WORTH IT and she better step off cause I got him FIRST..

Fara7 grabbed the BB from me and had the same shocked countenance as I did.

We walked back to our Group (found Noor still in the same position she was in hehehehe)and the day continued with Noor, Fara7 and me hanging around with noisy 3 to 6 year-old kids…

No Fajer..

No Fawaz…

No S3ood…

S3ood and his stupid mom hung out all day working on sorting out the pictures from the Carnival to CD's so that other companies can look at their accomplishment and so their little company would be introduced… Like there is nothing else to do….

Tuesday finally ended… and I didn’t want Thursday to come… I planned on going to the Avenues with a couple of school friends.